Chiang Mai



The city is a well developed town with more than a million citizens. Although, spruced up by modernity, Chiang Mai has kept its authentic atmosphere as the cultural center of Northern Thailand.


Lantern Festival

Be entranced by beautiful lanterns floating sky high across the entire city of Chiang Mai, a truly incredible event to take place every 12th Lunar month. Alternatively, experience the natural landscape of Chiang Mai on top of an elephant and trek with some friendly elephants in the lush greenery of Northern Thailand.

Elephant Trek

Elephants are a vital part of Thailand as they have inhabited the country from before the time of recorded history. You will find both wild elephants and docile elephants across Thailand. 

You can experience the natural landscape of Thailand and spot some animals, whilst being among beautiful elephants. There are special camps available for trekking tours in which you can experience trekking with some friendly and entertaining elephants.  

Tree Top Elephant Reserve Phuket offers a truly magical and peaceful experience where we hope you will feel humbled to be in the presence of these magnificent animals, observing them in the tranquility of their sanctuary home. 

The tour provides ethical elephant tourism in Southern Phuket by offering visitors an Adventure of a Lifetime to learn about, love, and respect elephants through our compassionate and gentle approach. 

The visit invigorates the aid to rescue and save more elephants, and preserve the forests and its precious wildlife.