Dalat Perpetual spring



Dalat evokes a feeling of perpetual spring. Situated in the Central Highlands, Dalat’s cleaner tree-lined streets, flower gardens and cool mountain climate give you a break from the hustle and bustle of the big Vietnamese metropolises. The city’s beautiful landscape, French colonial architecture and waterfalls have made it the favored romantic getaway for local couples.  

what to see


Due to its mountainous situation, Dalat boasts several nearby waterfalls, all beautiful and impressive. Conveniently, many of them are in the vicinity of the city which makes for an easy visit. Make sure not to miss Datanla Falls, Prenn Falls, Pongour Falls and Voi Falls. Canyoning is a popular activity those looking for an adrenaline rush can practice at some of these falls. At the end of the day, you’ll be soaked to the bone, happily exhausted, and invigorated with a new story to tell.


Xuan Huong Lake and Flower Garden

Located downtown, Xuan Huong Lake is the leisure center of the city. Always visited by couples, the lake is ideal for strolling at sunset and getting to know a little about the daily life of the local people. At one of its ends we can visit the Dalat Garden of Flowers and enjoy the manicured floral decorations that transport us to a land of perpetual spring.

The Valley of Love

Known for being frequented by newlywed couples, the Valley of Love is located just over 5 km from the city. Take a boat along the shores of Da Thien Lake and enjoy the incredible views of the valley and mountains of Lang Biang.

Tuyen Lam Lake and the Truc Lam Pagoda

Truc Lam Paoda is located 14 km from the city and accessible both by road or by a scenic cable car. The Zen pagoda offers an incredible visit to the mountains that surround Da Lat and the beautiful Tuyen Lam Lake.

Crazy House

Without a doubt, the Crazy House is one of the most peculiar places in all of Vietnam. Built by the architect and designer Dang Viet Nga, the house is famous for its Gaudian style (inspired by the architect Antoni Gaudí). Its style combines the structure with natural elements. The entrance to the house is 50,000 dong and you also have the option of staying in it.


Eat in the night market

Something to experience in Da Lat is its night market. Every day from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. you can find this market in the heart of the city. Although street food is the great attraction, other types of products are also sold such as clothes, souvenirs, flowers, etc. Da Lat is a pretty laid-back city, however, here you will find a great atmosphere. Apart from the stalls, there are many people singing, dancing or being silly on the streets.

Drink the local coffee

Dalat is located in the heart of Vietnam’s main coffee growing region. As a result, you can find here some of the best cafes in the country, where the beans are fresh as can be. In its many cozy coffee shops you can enjoy pourovers, slow drips and creamy lattes – some of the best coffee in Asia, .