Discuss with Locals


Discuss with Locals

Along your journey, there will be times where you have the chance to meet wonderful and charismatic people, a local chef invites you to their home and you cook with them or enjoy early morning yoga or tai chi with your instructor, to loosen up the body before the exciting day ahead. 

Travel is made up of memories and experiences that bring people closer together, through ways of communication or the food we share with one another. 

The foundation in connecting diverse cultures is from

learning and gaining new perspectives through heartfelt interactions.


  • Meet with locals and share stories of each others experiences
  • Become inspired by their crafts and skills that they want to share with you
  • Learn a new technique or insight from a local

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    All Tour duration(s)

  • Destinations

    Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia

  • Meal Provided [B|L|D]

    Please refer to the selected tour


Responsible initiatives to the locals that you will encounter:

Respecting Cultural Differences

Enjoy the fantastic experience of cultural diversity while you travel, but make sure to encourage and respect the differences that you encounter, don’t try to change things for your own comfort. Remain patient and calm, more doors will open to you than if you ‘lose your cool’.

Assisting the Locals in their Understanding of Western Culture

The flipside of experiencing cultural diversity is helping locals gain a better insight into Western culture, particularly beyond the superficial attractions of monetary wealth. Respect the locals’ wish to develop economically – everyone has a right to better standard of living and development.