What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Private Family Trip

We experienced several aspects of the Vietnamese society. Most of the time we were enabled to look upon these aspects. On some occasions we could take a closer look. That was possible during a trip to the Highlands and during the cycling tour with Hans in Hoi An.

The Highland trip was special because we could experience a more inside look into the local lifestyle (housing, boat trip and elephant riding) with just the four of us and our guide.

The cycling tour was special because Hans could show us how people make a living and he could tell us, as a foreigner, what makes Vietnam special and how he managed (or not) to deal with the differences.

We really enjoyed Vietnam. It was a unique experience. The travel agency did a wonderful job organizing everything.

The kids enjoyed it too. Especially the active elements: biking, riding elephants and snorkeling…

We surely will recommend both Vietnam and Terra Verde to everyone who might be interested.  


Will & Gerd V.D.Z., Chief Historian of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Private Tailor-made Journey

We would like to thank you for an unforgettable experience travelling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We are experienced travelers and have had first class tours in Europe, Africa and Asia. Our experience with Terraverde exceeded all of them.

From the moment we started planning the trip with you, your probing of our preferences and needs was exceptional. One of us has severe dietary restrictions and your accommodating it, and arranging for accommodation at every stop, was superb. We are all 70 years old. In addition to the usual tourist sites, you recommended experiences for us that we probably would never have chosen for ourselves – from a late night tour of Hanoi on the back of a Vespa motorcycle to eating dinner on a street curb, to attending a dance school, to going to a night club -the “extra” activities were all great.

Your pickups at each airport, bypassing the customs lines, made travelling easy. Your vans that took us around were luxurious and well stocked. But it was the guides you selected in each city that made our trip so memorable. Each guide told us they felt they were working for the very best tour group in their country (and they were). Each was superbly knowledgeable and extremely personable. They openly shared their life stories along with their cities and country’s history. They were sophisticated and they were “real”. They made our trip the most special event that we will cherish.

Phornphana B. – Private U.S. Travelers

Delegate Trip

I don’t know how to express my appreciation to your kind support because everything is beyond words. It’s like a typhoon passing over, and I am almost exhausted. Definitely, everybody enjoyed the tour and they said things were completely different to their perception. And I always keep in mind that you are my savior at last minutes, out of the embarrassing situation at Ngoc Suong Restaurant.

I do sure recommend your service to other delegation in the future

Again, thank you so much for your time and support.


Hoang Thi H.

AmCham Vietnam Trip

Dear Terraverde Team,

What a wonderful letter! Your team did a GREAT job I am sure. 

Thanks a lot for providing him with an impressive tour. The AmCham team and I are now more confident and proud to refer your business to others ;). 

Have a great weekend!


Cindy T.

Family Trip

We landed in Zurich on time 4 hours ago. Everything worked out fine, also with the Hong Kong connection, because the flight from Saigon landed about 30 minutes earlier in Hong Kong. 

We were allowed to spend a couple fantastic weeks in South East Asia. Our family and all our friends are completely enthusiastic about what we experienced. Especially the professionalism of the generosity and the enormous support from you and the Terraverde Team. Also the fact that you personally came back to the airport to say goodbye to us has amazed everyone. I hope we will once again find an opportunity for a trip with Terraverde. Once again many thanks for everything. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Wiesendangen. 


Kind regards,
Ernst B.


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