Danang Fantastic beach and city holidays



Da Nang is one of the five major seaports in Vietnam and the biggest city on the Central Coast. Its successful urban development, laid-back lifestyle and beautiful natural surroundings lend themselves as the perfect backdrop for the your leisure holidays. The city occupies a small headland protruding into the Southern curve of Danang Bay. Its center harbors some attractions worth checking out, such as the fire-breathing Dragon Bride and the Cham Museum. Danang’s beaches have become the central appeal of the city and have been recently named among the most attractive in the region. The broad stretch of sand is gradually being lined with top-grade resorts that attract discerning and affluent holidaymakers.

what to see

Marble Mountains

About 10 km south of Danang, the fabled Marble Mountains rise in the middle of a green flat land. The cluster of five mountains dotted with grottoes and pagodas have been revered for centuries by the Vietnamese. More like hills than mountains, the five 100 meter-high peaks are considered sacred, though only the highest, Thuy Son, is visited by tourists. A couple hours suffice to both climb Thuy Son and visit the temples and grottoes on its south side. Visitors can also take a stroll around the numerous marble workshops in the village at its base. 


Cham Museum

Don’t leave Danang without taking the time to visit the small but fascinating Cham Museum. The museum is home of the most comprehensive collection of Champa Kingdom ruins and artefacts collected from many sites throughout Vietnam. Its well presented display of Cham terracotta and sandstone figures offers a glimpse into the past and culture of the Ancient Cham civilization that once ruled over this part of Vietnam. The museum is the perfect complement to a visit to the Cham ruins of My Son. 

Linh Ung Pagoda

Erected in 2010, Linh Ung pagoda houses the highest statue of Quan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy in Vietnam. The pagoda offers stunning views of  the city and the white sands of My Khe beach.


Relax on My Khe Beach

My Khe is an excellent choice for a beach break. The photogenic stretch of white sand and blue waters is regarded as one of the nicest on Vietnam’s central coast. A wide range of restaurants and hotels sit along the coastline, offering plenty of services and activities. Moreover, My An and Non Nuoc beaches, are both quieter alternatives to My Khe, but further south from the city center. The best time to hit these beaches is from March to August.

Enjoy the ultimate golf experience

Danang is emerging as one of Asia’s top golf destinations. Its world-class golf courses, sprawled north to south on white sandy beaches, are drawing golfers from all over the world. Da Nang Golf Club, which opened in 2010, has ranked among the 15 best new golf courses in the world. The course not only provides the best golfing experience, but due to its central location it is great for a post match excursion.