Hanoi is arguably Asia’s most charming capital city. Hanoi, meaning – ‘where the river bends’. By day its a commerical bustle and by night an enchanting 19th century Asian village.


Vespa Adventure

Explore the city of Hanoi, through its historic sites such as the Museum of Ethnology, the french colonized architectural area of the Old Quarter and end the tour with an alluring water puppet show. Hop on a Vespa driven by your friendly local guide to explore local life, nightlife, rural life and cuisine of Hanoi. Alternatively, you may want to try a hands-on private cooking class with Chef Ai. She will show you how to select the freshest & typical ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine, cook up a delicious meal, while she shares her passion for the Vietnamese cuisine.

City Highlights

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City, a metropolis that stretches further than your eyes can perceive its magnitude. A commercial hub with must-see sights. The Opera House, City Hall and Notre Dame Cathedral are some highlights that will be seen, while taking a cyclo ride around the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Experience the local cuisine and the culture of a Vietnamese-Chinese community with a stopover at the city’s largest wholesale market.

Local Chef’s Cooking Class

Drive through Hanoi and meet with Chef Ai, then follow her for a local market visit. As a renowned chef in the Top 5 of Vietnam Master Chef in 2014, she has over 13-years of experience as “an Oshin” (a helper) for foreign families. This gave her a great chance to understand and experience different cultures and cuisines created.

Chef Ai will show you how to select the freshest & typical ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine. Later, we return to her home to take part in a private hands-on cooking class while listening to her sharing her passion for cooking. You get to taste your own creations before transferring back to your hotel.

Explore Red Delta

Visit Bat Trang pottery village with a vintage motorcycle driven by your guide to the urban outskirts of Hanoi.